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Toxic Eggs Proficiency Testing Scheme

Nowadays A toxic eggs scandal has 17 countries keeping an eye out for a chemical called Fipronil.

An investigation by the European Union (EU) has found that the toxic eggs have spread to these different countries after their presence was made know this month. The eggs come from chickens that had their living areas treated with Fipronil.

Fipronil is a chemical that can cause damage to a person’s liver, thyroid glands and kidneys. The amount on the toxic eggs are minimal and aren’t likely to hurt a person’s health. Fipronil is used to kill fleas, lice and tick in animals , but isn’t allowed on those that are producing foods for human consumption.

In response to the outbreak of the toxic eggs scandal ,China NIL Research Center for Proficiency Testing is going to carry out a proficiency testing of determination of the amount of Fipronil residue in egg products to meet the requirement of international labs

Welcome to participate proficiency testing schemes of “determination of the amount of Fipronil residue in egg products” (See NIL website http://english.nil.org.cn).

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Toxic eggs Proficiency Testing

NIL PT-1402

Determination of the amount of Fipronil residue in egg products

Egg powder


Aug.~ Dec., 2017


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If you can’t place orders on the PT Platform, please contact us or return this form as soon as possible by e-mail or fax.

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