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1.Which tests do I have to perform

You have to participate in all the tests for which you are accredited or looking for accreditation by your sponsors

2.I have not received my invoice/report

You can download both documents from your account on the website, if they are not available please contact us.

3.I registered but never received the kits

Please check that every step in the ordering process has been completed. Make sure the payment has been made. Examples: Awaiting bank transfer means that your payment has not yet been confirmed. Order in preparation means that your payment is confirmed and package is now in preparation.

4.How to follow the shipment of the kits

You can ask for the tracking number of your package by email nil@analysis.org.cn,or Log in the user center on the website to query and issue sample waybills

5.The technical instruction is not in line with the test standard I am used to applying

The aim of the PTP is to check the mastery of a test but not the knowledge of a dedicated standard. This is why the technical definition may relate to a slightly different process from the referred standard. It is preferable to follow the technical instructions rather than the standard itself. Any deviation from instructions shall be indicated in the remarks section of the web results form.

6.My technical means do not allow me to provide all the test characteristics required by the technical definitions

Ex : For Tensile test I can't measure 5D elongation. All the results are requested, nevertheless if you are not able and not used to measuring a characteristic for your sponsors you do not need to provide it.

7.An incident happened during the test and my specimens are unusable

Please inform your sponsors. With their agreement you may order a new kit.

8.The capacity of my frame does not allow me to perform the test

Please inform the sponsors about this issue and contact us to see about the possibility of an alternative solution (i.e: use material from a previous scheme).

9.I will not be able to enter my results before deadline

If you are performing the test for one of the scheme sponsors please inform them of any delays. If your results are sent after the deadline they will not be included in the statistical analysis.  Results received after the deadline are still accepted but are compared to the statistical population

10.The package I have received has been opened or damaged. One or several kits are missing in my package

Please contact the NIL team :nil@analysis.org.cn

China NIL Research Center for Proficiency Testing

Address: #13, Gaoliangqiao Xiejie, Haidian District, Beijing

Contacts: Ms. CHEN Jinghua, Ms. YAN Dongxia